Re-Renders, Sound FX, & Corrupted Files

With the final animation rendered and ready to go, I started syncing all of the sound effects into Unleashed. I personally have a huge sound library by downloading from free sound websites in the past couple of years, so I utilized what I already had. Which was awesome because that meant I didn’t have to go searching for more sounds, or recreating the sound with the sound equipment I don’t have.

The only downside of watching your animation over and over is that you start to notice all of the little details and minor mistakes that you originally didn’t notice in the first place. And since I did notice them, I decided to re-render a few region shots to overlay onto the original render. For example for one of my minor mistakes:

Render Comparison,
Render Comparison,

The left tree on the porch was rendered with a very jerky movement. I must of copied and pasted the key frames incorrectly without noticing. But it’s all fixed now with the tree on the right.

After doing a few last minute edits and adjustments in After Effects, I rendered the final animation and imported video, music, sound effects into Adobe Premiere Pro. I have done a good amount of video editing when I did Youtube and during internships. So video editing is another comfortable skill I enjoy doing.

Until something goes terribly wrong.

After I finished adding and editing all of the sound effects in the Premiere file, I saved it multiple times with different file names, and also transferred copies into my external hard drive. I called it a night.

The next morning, I opened up my file and ran into this:

Unleashed Project Error,
Unleashed Project Error,

I honestly started to panic. So I jumped to my other saved file; same error. I got out my external hard drive and opened those files; same error. I pull out ALL of the auto-saves in my computer; same error.

I just lost ALL of my progress for syncing the sound effects.

Okay. I am FULL ON panicking.

I opened a new project in Premiere & After Effects and tried importing the project, or even the sequences saved, and it gave me the Adobe Dynamic Link Error. All hope is starting fade. I’m going to have to do the sound effects again.

I started to do some frantic research on Google for these errors for one last move. I read through various forums and found that the Adobe Dynamic Link Error was more common than the corrupted Premiere file. But it was suggested to do what I have already done. So, I continued on.

It wasn’t until I noticed a few people on different forums mentioned this program called XML Wrench. It is a free to download tool for editing XML and related files. It can be used as an HTML editor or a CSS Editor and many more. There was one problem though:

I have little to no experience in coding or programming.

But I’m desperate. I need my file working again.

So I open up my corrupted premiere file, and I am greeted will a wall of code:

XML Wrench User Interface,
XML Wrench User Interface,

In a few of the forums, many users said to go to Tools > Check Well Formed. This feature goes through all the lines of code and checks if there are any errors for you. I crossed my fingers and boom. This popped up in my file:

XML Wrench Error Find,
XML Wrench Error Find,

Something was wrong in Line 1323 of my file. I take a look and…

XML Wrench Error,
XML Wrench Error,

…there’s a random space between ‘music’ and the underscore.

I quickly deleted the space, ran another Check Well Formed run, and everything was approved. No errors. I saved the file and took a huge breath as I tried to open my file back in Adobe Premiere.


I literally raised my hands in the air and started crying (literally). This must of been the scariest obstacle I have run into with this animation. Hands down. I couldn’t believe my file got corrupted because OF A RANDOM SPACE.

Of course I saved everything multiple times, in multiple places. I also rendered the sound track so if anything like this happens again, I have the completed sound file so I can just import it without panicking.

Now that horrendous event is done, I had a little bit of extra time to do a little something for the credits. I’ll go more in depth with that in the next update.

Thanks for reading and until next time!