Production Title Sequence

After deciding the new title of my animation, Unleashed, it was time to finalize the title design for the title sequence.

I searched endlessly through webpages of free fonts that would portray the keywords of cute, fun, and playful. I found a few that would of worked, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted in a font. I placed them side by side (upper & lower case) to see what I was working with in comparison:

You can download each font below (all in order from above):

In the end, I really liked how playful and fun the DPCutie font looked in lowercase. It had this weird default spacing that I enjoyed because George is a weird, fun-loving dog. But as time went on, I decided to use the DPCutie font as a stencil/guide to create my own font for the title and credits.

After drawing in Photoshop, and cleaning up in Illustrator, the final font was complete:

Title Font Design,
Title Font Design,

Once this was finished, I did some research on a variety of dog tags. Shapes, color, dimensions, you name it. So I came up with three different shapes I would like to try for the title design, rectangle, oval, and bone-shaped.

Border Design (01),
Border Design (01),
Border Design (02),
Border Design (02),
Border Design (03),
Border Design (03),

I felt the rectangular-shape looked too much like a license plate. And the dog bone seemed like I was pushing the dog theme a bit too far because the indication of a dog is in the paw print. Therefore, I decided to go with the oval-shaped dog tag. Simple and to the point!

I jumped back into Photoshop and started playing with color and gradients. I wanted to replicate a shiny, engraved dog tag. I was aiming for a cartoony style of the dog tag because of the stylized look of the overall animation. But luckily, I managed to work with various modifiers such as embossing, strokes, overlays, gradients, and drop shadows to reach the final design.

‘Unleashed’ Title Design,

I had two layers of the final design: the dog tag and the key ring (for animation purposes). From there, I imported the Photoshop file into After Effects to begin animating. The only downside of this was the fact that the original file size of the Photoshop file was 11 x 8.5 in. at 300 dpi (which is roughly 3300 x 2550 px.). While my video size was 1280 x 720.. so my computer was crawling at the speed of snail because of the large file size. I could of reduced the size, but I decided against it because I wanted my title to appear as clear and crisp as possible with what I had. But luckily, it didn’t take dangerously long.

I was always told less is more, so I went with that theme and decided to animate the title sequence as if the dog tag “fell” on-screen and bounced a bit before settling in place. As long as I could pull off the principle of squashing and stretching with the dog tag, and use the follow-through principle with the key ring, it should turn out the way I imagined in my head. And of course it came out perfect!

'Unleashed' Title Sequence Animation,
‘Unleashed’ Title Sequence Animation,

I added a quick shine that flies across the dog tag for a little cherry on top. I felt like it would help for a minor transition from 2D animation to 3D animation. From here, I’ll be adding the title sequence into the final animation and work with scene transitions.

In the next post, I shall be updating on the music and sound effects! Please look forward to it!

Until next time!