Production Title Design

Since the pre-production stages, I never really  had a solid production title that really “stuck” with the events that happened to George. “A Day with George” was a subtitle, if you will, until an actual title came to mind.

But in the meantime, I began the rough sketch process of the title design. Before I began drawing out anything, I write out a few keywords that would help inspire me. More like, guidelines on what ideas I had in my head.

    • Fun
    • Playful
    • Cute
    • Colorful
    • Engaging
    • Stylized
    • 2D/3D
    • Cartoony
    • Paw Print
    • Bandana

And like I mentioned before, I didn’t have a specific title yet. So I made a small list of different versions of the title to design. Because the more roughs you have, the more built your final product will be (at least I think so).

So the first round of title sketches was the default title I had, “A Day with George“:

Title Designs (01),

I tried different types of font that would fall into my keywords and added little elements of who George was. I tried the really simple title design where the design just focuses on font, to where the design has some sort of element of a dog (paw prints, George’s bandana, etc). In the end, I didn’t quite like this title to begin with. So I kept sketching.

Title Designs (02),

The next title I had was “George goes for a walk.” To be honest, I didn’t like this title at all because it was too long (hence there is only one sketch of it). BUT! It still wouldn’t hurt to try any design because, in this case, I ended up using the paw print element into the final title design. But before I get to the final design, I went through even more sketches.

Title Designs (03),

Alright, so we have “George.” It’s straight to the point. It’s about him. But I felt that it was, lack of a better word, boring. It didn’t really have an action behind it to where the viewer has some sort of idea of what this short animation is about. The paw print and his silhouette helped that George is a dog, but ultimately, I gave up on this title pretty quickly.

Title Designs (04),

George’s Walk.” It’s shorter. How I wanted it. But not EXACTLY what I wanted. It still didn’t quite fit to who George was and how carefree he is. I was focusing too much on having George’s name in the title that it was taking away from everything else. It wasn’t until I drew out the underlining leash in the second design above. And that’s when the new title came to me.

And I said to myself, “Yup. That’s the title.”

Title Designs (05),


Yes. I knew this was it. It was short, to the point, and a play on words. I think the best part of it all is that viewer can put the pieces together with the title design.

“Unleashed” + Leash + Paw Print + Dog Tag = Something about a dog.

I originally wanted to have the leash flying/swirling into the title, but I thought that was a bit too much, so I thought of something simpler. A dog tag. George doesn’t technically have one, but it works. And the dog tag design was really the only design that was a ‘closed’ design. It wasn’t just free text on screen, it had a border.

So ultimately, I went with the dog tag design (very last rough). In my heart I knew that was it, and I just had to clean it up in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

My next update will consist of cleaning up and finalizing title sequence animation.

Until next time!