Special Effects

After compiling all the rendered scenes in one composition, I applied different effects in specific scenes such as rain, particles, and color correcting effects.

At first, I was going to approach the particle effects options in 3dsMax to create the most realistic rain. But then I thought, because my animation is stylized, I’m pretty sure I can pull off an overlayed video layer above my rendered scenes.

Here is the free rain stock footage I used from Daniel Norris (Youtube):

And here’s the rain effect comparison:

Rain Effect Comparison, rrgonzalez.com
Rain Effect Comparison, rrgonzalez.com

On the left is the original render, and on the right is the overlayed video layer. I applied the Silhouette Luma modifier in After Effects so the black color would be absent above the render. I also scaled and rotated the rain to give off the effect of wind as well. This effect was applied to a few more scenes in the animation.

While watching the compiled animation, I noticed that a lot of my shots seemed very stagnant, especially in my environment shots. After watching a few movies, I noticed the effect of particles in various shots. I tested this out and I was amazed much of a difference there is.

Vegasaur.com provides free plugins and stock footage for everyone. I ran into their free particles stock footage and it was perfect for what I was going for. Here’s their sample of their particle effects:

And here’s the particle overlay comparison:

Particle Effect Comparison, rrgonzalez.com
Particle Effect Comparison, rrgonzalez.com

Although the particles are some-what visible, this was the visual I was going for. I don’t want to overpower various shots with particles, or get particle-happy if you will. But you’ll be able to see the particles in action when the animation is 100% complete!

Last but not least, I really like adding some sort of color correction or some sort of filter on top of my animations for the little cherry on top.

I came across a free After Effects Filter Presets Pack called Skylights. I found this a little while back and haven’t had a reason to use them until now. You can find the preset pack available for download here.

After changing up a few values in the presets and few other edits, here’s the comparison of the overall look of the “A Day with George” animation:

Color Correction Comparison, rrgonzalez.com
Color Correction Comparison, rrgonzalez.com

Because my animation features a really happy-go-lucky dog in this really colorful, saturated environment, I felt something bright and spring-like would fit the overall feel of “A Day with George.”

After applying the filter preset to the animation, I felt that my animation was ready to go. I rendered it and quickly sent it to Fabian Fabro, my music composer. He is currently working on the music score, and I can’t wait to hear it. I’ll update my blog once it’s ready to go!

In the mean time, I will be working on the Title Sequence and Credits. Rough drafts and sketches will be uploaded for you view pleasure soon!

Thank you for reading!