Animations (Part 1)

In the recent weeks, I’ve been focusing on George’s movements and spending a lot of time with the curve editor in 3dsMax.

Although I can’t show anything of George at the moment because he’s still a work progress, I can show you the different subtle animations I will be applying, more specifically in the plants around the house.

Because I have two different types of wind (subtle breeze & strong wind), I isolated the plants into their own files so I could animate them freely and import them back into the appropriate scenes.

The plants were all animated with various Stretch and Twist modifiers on the X, Y, Z axis.

You can check out some of the plant animations below:

Plant Animation Gif (1),
Plant Animation Gif (1),
Plant Animation Gif (2),
Plant Animation Gif (2),
Plant Animation Gif (3),
Plant Animation Gif (3),
Plant Animation Gif (4),
Plant Animation Gif (4),
Plant Animation Gif (5),

On a side note, I am working with the mental ray renderer in 3dsMax. I wrote wrote down the settings and last minute adjustments for future reference:

    • Set Motion Blur!
    • Set Advanced Lighting Effects
    • Set 1280 x 720 Resolution
    • New Folder + Render Name
    • Mental Ray Values:
      • Image Precision: 1.0
      • Soft Shadows: Default
      • Glossy Reflections: Default
      • Glossy Refractions: Default
      • Final Gather: Medium
      • Trace Bounce Limits:
      • Reflections: 4
      • Refractions: 6
      • FG Bounces: 0

A few of these values were slightly adjusted for render time. For example, a few scenes do not have any geometry that have glossy reflections or refractions, so I turn them off.

In the next update, I’ll be going through each scene and sharing each experience with animating, editing, trial, and errors. Keep in mind that a few renders will not be complete, but I’ll be willing to share what I have.