The Secondary Characters!

Here’s a small update for today.

It completely slipped my mind earlier in the production that there were two other characters that required 3D building and rigging. And because I am not the best at rigging, I kind of dreaded this fact. But overall, the process went a lot smoother than I thought because of the various trial and errors earlier with George and the Owner in the “A Day with George” animated short.

Canoe Man Model View,
Canoe Man Model View,
Canoe Man's Dog,
Canoe Man’s Dog,

These models may look familiar, because they are altered models from George and the Owner.

For the Canoe Man, I altered height and added a hat, overalls, and boots. I had to re-paint weights (a dreadful experience to be honest, my computer was not having it a few times), but the outcome was pleasant.

As for the Canoe Man’s Dog, I decided to take George’s model and alter colors. I also changed his bandana into a simple collar. I thought it would be cute to have a neighboring dog of the same breed.

Although I (kind of) find reusing characters a bad thing, I thought because their cameo was literally a few seconds (and not even a close up or medium shot to say the least) it wouldn’t hurt to reuse existing models. Plus, in the process of altering the characters, I thought of another story plot for George and the Canoe Man’s Dog. But that’s a whole other production later in the future. 🙂