3D Environment Flythrough!

After a few days of rendering, I finally put together a short flythrough of the environment of my animation, “A Day with George.”

I rendered this at a low resolution (640 x 360) due to feeling like I didn’t necessarily need this to be 1080p or 720p. It’s a test render of what I have so far, and part of the process on how the overall look of the animation will be.

*EDIT: The title “A Day with George” was temporarily changed to “A Day with Georgie” when this video was uploaded. As of September 2015, the production title “A Day with George” will remain.

There are a few textures that need to be edited (such as the bricks normal map, 2-sided texturing adjustments, smoothing, etc.) but I feel this is a great start on the environment of my animation.

You can check out screen shots in my previous post here.

I will continue updating this blog for the next semester, so until then!

Thank you!


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